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Have you ever moved homes and had boxes which remained unopened for months or even years afterward? You aren’t alone. 

Many people feel as though there are so many items they didn’t need to move to a new home. It adds to your moving costs and causes stress when you realize how much there is to put away at your destination.

I can help you simultaneously pack in an organized manner and also let go of items that you don’t need on the other end. 

When you arrive at your new home with boxes categorized and labelled and possessions de-cluttered, moving in will be a much more enjoyable experience.


Depending on where you are moving, I can even be of help unpacking and setting up your new home!

Seniors dealing with a downsize in dwelling have a particularly difficult task of selecting at times only 25-50% of their belongings to take to a smaller new home.

But, this doesn’t have to be a sad event. In fact, living with less possessions can be liberating and alleviate stress.


I can work with you and your loved ones to determine which important keepsakes come with you, and also suggest space-saving storage ideas for adapting to your new, more compact living arrangement.

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